Study ensures that giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants makes roads safer

Four years after having passed legislation in Connecticut that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license, there have been casualties in accidents and infractions of drivers driving without a license, explains a report from the KPBS Public Broadcasting Service.

The report explains that more than 50,000 unauthorized residents have taken some of the driving tests that, in addition to making the state roads safer, have generated monetary gains to the Connecticut government.

The report also emphasizes the drop in crash leaks (15%) in the period when licenses were granted, and points out that undocumented drivers feel safer to drive because they do not have to fear a violation for not have a license

But this is not the first report that reveals the benefits of licensing undocumented drivers, a study conducted by the law school at Roger Williams University in 2016 explains that by giving driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants, the roads become more safe, because drivers learn the basic rules of the driving manual to pass the state tests – and the local economy improves – as immigrants feel more confident to invest in new cars.

The privilege of receiving a driver’s license without the need to prove legal stay in the United States was granted for the first time to paperless immigrants in 1993, and today an undocumented immigrant can obtain a driver’s license in 12 states of the country , in addition to the District of Columbia.

In 2013 it was the turn of Illinois. In 2014, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Vermont and the District of Columbia approved similar initiatives. Finally, California, Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii in the last four years.

And it is thanks to the fact that these states managed to pass legislation in favor of undocumented licenses, today we can say that granting a driver’s license to an immigrant without legal residence improves road safety and boosts the state economy.

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