Judge temporarily blocks Trump’s measure prohibiting the entry of immigrants without medical insurance

A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, suspended the rule of President Trump’s government that requires immigrants to demonstrate that they will have health insurance or that they can pay for medical care before they can obtain visas or enter the country.

Federal district judge Michael Simon on Saturday granted a temporary restraining order, which prevented the rule from taking effect on Sunday.

According to a USA Today report, seven US citizens and a non-profit organization filed the federal lawsuit on Wednesday, claiming that the rule would block almost two-thirds of all potential legal immigrants.

“We are very grateful that the court recognized the need to block the ban on medical care immediately,” says trial attorney Esther Sung of the Justice Action Center, who argued at Saturday’s hearing on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The proclamation signed by President Trump in early October applies to people seeking immigrant visas from abroad, not to those already in the US, but they affect families that cannot afford the high price of medical insurance.

The White House criticized on Sunday the decision of the federal court.

He said that, once again, a court order frustrates an attempt by President Trump to apply the right granted by Congress in immigration matters and other public policies.

“It is incorrect and unfair that a single judge of a District Court frustrates the policies that the President determined would better protect the health system of the United States, and that the taxpayers of the United States suffer the serious consequences of the immense tension inflicted in the health system subsidizing care for those seeking admission (to the country), ”he said.

He added that the Trump Administration will appeal the decision of the Court.

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